Parkeon Strada - Troubleshooting - M900 Card Reader: "Invalid Card" Error Message during Card Transactions.

The M900 card reader hangs down in the meter from a silver hook on its face, and has a white roller on the front of it. 



Check the cable which runs from the mag head reader on the meter door over to the card reader.

    • Look for signs of damage or fraying.
    • Reseat the cable connections.  
    • Ensure the cable is not hanging loose inside the meter. Any excess cable length should be tucked into the notch on the reader.
      • If this cable is not tucked away tightly enough, all transactions will give "Invalid Card".
    • Test a card transaction and see if the "Invalid Card" error continues. 


  • If still getting "Invalid Card", swap out this mag head reader cable and retest a transaction.
    • If possible, use a mag head cable from a functioning meter to test with. 

  • If still getting "Invalid Card", swap the mag-head reader on the meter door.


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