Parkeon Strada - Troubleshooting - M1000 Card Reader: "Check Mounting Kit" Error Message during Function 750

The M1000 card reader sits inside of a silver bracket in the meter and is secured in place with screws. 




Actions required to troubleshoot "Check Mounting Kit" message appearing during Function 750:

  • Make sure the card reader installed is definitely an M1000 reader (refer to description and photo above). 
    • If an M900 reader is installed, Function 750 will usually show "Check Mounting Kit". 
    • If unsure, a Function 34 ticket will confirm the card reader type under the CAD TYPE header. 

  • Completely remove and reinstall the M1000 reader.
    • Reseat the card reader cable. 
    • Ensure all screws are tight when the reader is reinstalled. 
    • Rerun Function 94 and Function 750. 

  • If "Check Mounting Kit" still appears, test another card reader in the meter. 
    • If possible, use a reader from another working meter to test. 
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