WebOffice - Refunding a Transaction

General Information

- Transactions can be refunded the day after they are processed at the meter.
- You can go back up to 90 days to process a refund. 
   To refund transactions older than 90 days, please reach out to your bank to
    request a reversal of the funds instead. 
- Web Office is only able to process full refunds of the purchases. 

Processing a Refund in FWO

1.) Search for transaction which needs to be refunded in the Purchases page. 

2.) Once the transaction has been located, move your cursor over the "tree icon" to the far left of the transaction 

3.) A pop up menu will appear which includes the Refund option. 



4.) After clicking "Refund", the Refund Details window will populate. This allows you to add internal notes for additional details as to the natural of the refund. 

5.) Hit "Perform Refund" to complete the process. 


Any transaction that has been refund will appear under the Purchase Refund page under the Purchases tab, so you'll be able to get a record of each reversal made in the system. 



If you experience any difficulty with this process or have additional questions, please reach out to the Flowbird Support Help Desk for assistance. 

(Click on the "Support?" button which will appear in the bottom right corner after a few seconds).  

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