CWT - Troubleshooting - Key and Lock Issues

If you are struggling or unable to open a meter door, please refer to the below troubleshooting steps; 


1. Reconfirm you are using the correct key type for the part of the meter you are trying to access;

  • White key - Upper Maintenance Cabinet door. 
  • Red key - Meter Vault/Collection Door
  • Blue key - Lower/Base Cabinet door. 

2. Try the same key on another meter to test the key itself works correctly.
     You should also try any other keys of the same color that you have on hand.

3. Confirm what happens when the key is inserted; 

  • Does the key not insert fully/properly? 
    • Lube up the lock via the keyhole with some Lock Saver (synthetic lubricant)
  • Does it insert but not turn? 
    • Try some graphite powder on the key itself. 
  • Does it insert, and turn but spin endlessly and fail to catch on the lock mechanism?
    • Likely a broken locking mechanism. The lock will need to be replaced. Refer to Step 4. 
  • Does it insert, turn, catch on the lock mechanism but fail to push the lock open?
    • Apply strong pressure to the door, pressing inward while trying to unlock.
    • Lube up the lock via the keyhole with some Lock Saver (synthetic lubricant)

4. If you have attempted all of the above steps and are still unable to access the cabinet, a service call may be required, or the lock may need to be drilled out. Please reach out to the Support Help Desk for assistance. 


(Click on the "Support?" button which will appear in the bottom right corner after a few seconds). 

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