CWT - Troubleshooting - Batteries Draining Faster than Normal

Things to Check: 

  1. Is the meter positioned under a tree, canopy or awning, or located in a spot where sunlight access could be restricted?

  2. Have the batteries been replaced recently?
    • If they have not, and the battery level has dropped very quickly in a few days, the cells could be bad and no longer holding charge efficiently. Replace with new batteries and continue to check the below steps. 

  3. Has the meter been upgraded to the 4G Network?
  4. Is the display (especially color screens) staying on continuously/not powering down after each transaction?
    • Allow the meter to go into Idle/Sleep mode, and confirm whether the screen or backlight is staying on during these periods. 
    • Check the serial number on the back of the display to confirm whether it is a KOE or Mitsubishi model. Contact the Flowbird Support Help Desk to confirm the correct configuration files are running for your display type. 

  5. Is a light bar or motion sensor installed? 
    • These items may become faulty and draw extra power. Please disconnect them and monitor the battery level. 
  6. Does the meter handle high customer traffic?
    • Meters which are constantly in use rely more heavily on battery power. If the meter is not getting enough downtime to recharge via solar/AC Mains during the day, power-related issues may appear. 

  7. Is the battery receiving charge from the solar panels or AC Mains? 
    • If the solar panel hardware has not been connected correctly, the batteries will not recharge.
      Please take a photo of your mainboard and chat in to the Help Desk for assistance:
      (Click the "Support?" button which will appear in the bottom right corner after a few seconds.)

    • Use a voltmeter to measure the output from the solar panels. This should be around 17volts measured at the end of the solar cable. 

  8. Is network coverage in the area poor?  
    • Poor network coverage (RSSI) levels may cause the modem to ping the server frequently. This may cause the meter to reboot often, and can drain the battery. 
      If you notice the meter is frequently rebooting on its own, please advise the Help Desk who can investigate further. 



(Click on the "Support?" button which will appear in the bottom right corner after a few seconds). 


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