Parkeon Strada - Troubleshooting - "Modem Return Error"

If you receive the "Modem Return Error" message, please follow the below steps to troubleshoot: 

1. Power down the meter and reseat the mainboard, modem and SIM to refresh the connections. 

2. Run Function 95 and confirm the "No Load" and "Loaded" levels are both at least 12volts. 

3. Reboot and run Function 80; 
          - Make sure the modem runs through the following steps and reaches "Initialization Complete";
                  - Power On Modem
                  - Check / Change PIN Code
                  - Registration Network
                  - Check Configuration
                  - Initialization Complete. 
          - If the process gets stuck for a long time on any step, or cancels immediately after a specific step,                 please reach out to the Help Desk for assistance. 

4. Replace the modem, preferably with one borrowed from a working meter, and retest. 
          - Rerun Function 80 and check the modem initialization completes. 
          - Confirm the error message has disappeared and clear any errors under Function 96 & 97.

          - If a new modem is required, please reach out to Sales Admin with the order request: 
             800-732-6868 x334


(Click on the "Support?" button which will appear in the bottom right corner after a few seconds). 

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