Parkeon Strada - Replacing Parts - Removing or Installing a Printer

Please follow the below steps to successfully remove or install a printer into the parking meter. 

1. Flick the silver switch on the mainboard to power down the meter. 

2. Push the cover of the paper roll up and over towards the back of the cabinet,
    and remove the paper roll from the meter.
This will allow the printer to be
    accessed more easily. 

3. The printer sits along two rails on either side and will simply slide up the rails
    and out of the meter. 

4. The ribbon cable at the rear of the printer is held in place by grey clips on
    either side. These can be released out to the left and right and the ribbon
    connection can be removed. 



To install a printer, simply follow the above steps in reverse. 

1. Once the printer is installed, reinsert the paper roll and feed the end of the roll
    into the top opening on the printer. Feed this down as far as possible until you
    feel light pressure - there is no need to force it any further than it naturally

7. Reboot the meter and run Function 80 to initialize the printer.
    You should hear the printer make a cutting noise as it initializes. 

8. Then, run Function 211 to print a test ticket. 
     - If you hear the printer trying to print but the paper does not feed through,
        make sure it has been fed down far enough into the printer opening and

     - If you receive the "Impossible to Print" error, and have a "Dialogue MB
alarm on the meter, please follow these steps to troubleshoot.  

9. If the test ticket prints successfully, check Function 96 and 97 for any alarms
    and hit V to Resolve if the option is available to do so. 


(Click on the "Support?" button which will appear in the bottom right corner after a few seconds). 

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