Parkeon Strada - Manual - Modem Upgrade and Software Loading

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Before starting the process of the upgrade, we need to check if the software you have currently on the meter is compatible with 4G. Please reach the meter and perform a function 34 ticket and select the print option.


Under the line Soft: Neops, the software version is required to be 431D and above. If it is currently lower, then follow step 2.


Step 1) If no new software is needed upon looking at the meter, we will need to install the new modem and run a function 80 followed by a 64.

Step 2) If new software is needed we will need to swap the 4G modem and program the new meter. Once modem is installed, run an 890, 90, and re-commission the credit card reader. 


Below is the link to a video on how to remove the old modem and install the new 4G modem:


Below is the link for the software installs (Part 1 and Part 2) if applicable:

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