Maintenance Services Agreement - Standard Terms and Conditions Disclosure

Maintenance Services Agreement Disclosure


Unless agreed upon in writing with a separate Maintenance Services Agreement, Flowbird will offer and provide maintenance and support services according to its standard Scope and Terms described herein.


Scope of Work

  • Flowbird will provide prioritized remote technical support for up to one (1) support request per meter, per month on average, with an initial response time of one (1) business day or less via phone or Live Chat or Support Request at Additional remote support requests will be billable at a rate of $95 per support engagement.
  • Where field service staff is available, Flowbird will perform routine, scheduled preventative maintenance actions for all hardware at an agreed-upon frequency not to exceed four (4) times annually;
  • Where field service staff is available, Flowbird will schedule field service support for normal maintenance and repairs within five (5) business days, upon request, for up to two (2) covered service calls per month. Additional service calls, if any, would be billed at the normal billable rates;
  • Flowbird will provide unlimited parts exchanges for qualifying parts under Flowbird's PartSmart program.


Flowbird will invoice customers a fee of not less than $62.50 per active meter, per month ($750 per meter annually) for the maintenance services described herein, including parts and labor. Additional fees may apply based on hardware configuration, volume of transactions and number of meters covered under this maintenance service agreement.



Consumables such as paper and batteries, as well as broken or vandalized parts, are not covered under the maintenance or PartSmart programs and will be quoted and billed separately. Meter installation, removal and disposal services, as well as software changes and updates, will also be quoted and billed separately, if requested.


Term and Termination

The initial term of the Maintenance Services Agreement shall be not less than one (1) year from the initial scheduled service call or scheduled preventative maintenance service, and may be terminated after the initial year with ninety (90) days written notice to the other party.

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