WebOffice - Reporting - Adding or Removing Report Columns

In some cases, you may wish to add or remove data to a report that you generate in WebOffice. 


  • To add the plate numbers to transactions shown in the Purchases screen. 
  • To see more Card Types and their totals in the End of Day List screen

To do this, you can adjust the data that is reported by adjusting the columns shown in your report. 


1. Navigate to the report of your choice. 

2. Click on the little wrench icon which appears in the top right corner of the screen; 

3. A new window will appear similar to below; 

4. If you would like to ADD a column of data, go to the next available empty dropdown menu, and click on its arrow. Select from the options available to add this data to the report. 

6. If you would like to REMOVE a column of data, simply change that specific dropdown menu to either a blank, or to something else. 

7. Click "OK" and wait for the data to repopulate. 


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