CWT - Manual - Loading Files on an SD Card

On your computer, open the folder the zip file was saved.  Right-click on the zip file, extract files from the folder and save the files in your desired location on your computer.

Once the new files are saved on your computer, then insert the SD card from the meter into your computer. Click on the SD card to view its contents, then remove all the files on the card by right-clicking the SD card drive and selecting Format.  Be sure to de-select "quick format" before clicking Start.



Now copy the new files that were downloaded from the Dropbox on to the SD card:

IMPORTANT!! >> Once you are ready to install the new SD card at the meter, please contact our Support team by Chat,  by email at or online at so they can set up downloads in WebOffice for card payment prefixes and terminal access rules if the meter has electronic locks (elocks).

Once the SD card is installed and the meter has fully booted up, send a heartbeat command from the service menu before the meter door is closed.  This will confirm that the meter is communicating properly and allow the meter to download the card payment prefixes and terminal access parameters.

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