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Important Update Regarding our 2023 WebOffice PCI Recertification

Flowbird is committed to providing its clients with the most secure card payment services possible. Due to our ongoing WebOffice server environment upgrade and migration project, and in an effort to simplify the handling of all PCI Audits globally, please be aware that the WebOffice PCI recertification for 2023 will be delayed by 60 days. This will allow us to align all Flowbird PCI audits globally in one period. As such, the 2023 PCI Certification for Flowbird WebOffice should be available by the end of September 2023. During this extension period, all security processes will continue to be enforced including all vulnerability scans, intrusion detection systems as well as patch management.


Here is the link to the global compliant Service Providers list which includes Cale, Parkeon and Flowbird:

For Validated Payment Application certifications, Cale is listed under Cale Access AB or Flowbird Sverige AB and under Cale America for as Merchant Servicer. Parkeon is listed as Parkeon S.A.S. for the Validated Payment Applications.  The M1000 card reader certification is listed under Flowbird.

For older Cale MPC meter systems, Cale is currently using Merchant Connect Multi (MCM) version software by Tender Retail, who is our PCI-compliant, 3rd-party gateway software (middleware) vendor.

All available PCI and P2PE certification documents are attached.

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