Billable Rates for Field Service and Programming

The following rates and terms will apply for all programming requests, software customization, configuration changes, graphic design and field service calls for all Flowbird customers who are not specifically covered under a maintenance or service agreement:

FIELD SERVICE CALL - $145/hr -  On-site meter maintenance by a Flowbird-certified technician. Travel time and approved travel costs, if any, will apply; 1-hour minimum local or 4-hour minimum if over 50 miles and weekend/holiday service calls are billed at 1.5x normal rate.

PROGRAMMING & CONFIGURATION SUPPORT - $350 per Perso/PDR Set-up fee per rate or tariff for up to 4 hours of programming, testing and delivery for common meter parameter changes and customization, rate changes, display and/or receipt language changes, graphic design and UI changes, merchant account changes, WebOffice or Smartfolio configuration changes, report requests, and custom database queries.  Also applies to Help Desk Service accounts, including ticket template changes, call script changes and retraining, mobile device/app support; An additional fee of $95/hr will be charged for hours in excess of 4 hours. Shipping costs for SD cards or SRAM service cards will apply if programming changes cannot be downloaded remotely.

Complex changes involving hardware changes or software version upgrades, as well as Maintenance and Service Agreements, will be quoted by your Business Development Manager.  

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