CWT - Manual - Preventative Maintenance Check List

CWT - S4 Preventative Maintenance Check List (see attached PDF)

CWT - S4 with eLocks Preventative Maintenance Check List:

  1. Turn meter power off
  2. Clean card reader with alcohol pad
  3. Clean coin selector with alcohol swab and lubricate antipin assembly
  4. Clean printer with compressed air
  5. Disconnect and reseat all cable connections and check for corrosion
  6. Remove and reseat SD card, SIM card and modem
  7. Test elocks with wrench and override key
  8. Lubricate lock cylinders and locking rails with dry silicone (do not use WD40 or oil-based lubricants!)
  9. Test vault door lock and locking points for smooth operation
  10. Test and log battery voltage with volt meter (should be above 11.9v off-load for normal operations)
  11. Turn meter power on and test coin and card payments with printed receipts
  12. Verify that meter is charging and displaying the correct rates, hours of operation and restrictions on the home screen 
  13. Clean solar panel and touch screen with glass cleaner
  14. Remove graffiti and stickers
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