CWT - Manual - 4G/LTE Modem Upgrade Process

CWT 4G/LTE Modem Kit upgrade process:

  1. Power down the meter 
  2. Remove the modem with SIM from the mainboard and unscrew the antenna
  3. Remove the antenna from the back of the meter
  4. Place the new antenna onto the back of the meter and screw it onto the 4G modem
  5. Move the SIM card from the 3G modem to the 4G modem
  6. Plug the modem onto the mainboard and power the meter back on
  7. The meter should boot up and connect to the LTE network

This process should take around 10-15 minutes to complete.


Important notes:

  • Use the original SIM that was in the 3G modems because the Cale meters do not require new SIMs and the ones that are shipping are generally inactive.
  • The old, 3G antennas are not compatible with the 4G modems. the new 4G antennas need to be plugged into the bottom, lower antenna port of the modem (same as on the 3G modems) and NOT into the front port of the 4G modem that sticks out, as this port is inactive.
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