CWT - Manual - Coinbox Opening and Resetting Procedure

Opening or resetting the CWT coinbox is a three-step process:  

  1. If the coinbox door has been opened, it can not be re-opened again until it is reset. To reset the spare coinbox, install the coinbox into a meter. There is a star "key" or plug in the very back of the coin vault cage that the coinbox slides into.  
  2. Next, turn the locking latch on the front of the coinbox to lock position, which locks the canister in the meter and opens the top of the coinbox to allow coins to fall inside. 
  3. Then the locking latch on the front can now be turned back to the unlocked position so the coinbox can be removed from the meter. Now the key can be inserted into the lock and you will be able to open the sliding door on the bottom of the canister to remove the coins.
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