Strada - Maintenance Codes

Strada Maintenance Function Codes



1V date and time

11V power supply method

14V low ticket count - usually set between 100-150

26V duplicate collection ticket of prior collection

31V coinbox levels for warning  -1500 and full 2500

34V software versions and peripheral components, modem status, SIM card, etc

40V link test

44V port numbers

57V data pack backup before replacement (90V to restore)

64V is like a 44V, but shows IP and ports for credit card server; also to set up a card reader - initialize to set card parameters

80V most used function - initializes all peripheral components

+1996 modem pin code

+1 = yes, 2 = no

90V usually only done after mainboard replacement - RAM clear

94V initialize card reader by itself

95V battery level

96V red alerts - red is out or order

97V green alerts - green level warning or fault - machine is still working

99V lists all functions by number

101V bill stacker level

103V bill channels - types or bills taken

106V bill reader test - reads the bill and spits it back out

111V tests communication between coin selector and mainboard. Coin selector should spin; need to remove wheel for cleaning

211V feeds paper through

212V audit ticket before software update before 90 RAM clear

354V communication test to pay by space server

356V lot definitions if spaces are added or removed

503V M1000 banking update

602V signal strength test

750V M1000 commissioning code

912V SIM status, type

990V same as 34V, but more detailed and a list of error history at the end

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