Parkeon Strada - Troubleshooting - Default Comm MCB Error

Steps to troubleshoot the DEFAULT COM MCB error:

First, run a F97:- If DEFAULT COM MCB is the ONLY MCB error, proceed to the steps below:

1. Power the meter off and grasp both clips at the top and bottom of the board and flip them to the
outward position. Grasp the board and slide it out toward you about a 1/2 inch.

2. Let the meter sit for 15-20 minutes, reseat the main board and power the meter on.

3. Now run a F80. This will re-initialize the peripherals for the MCB. 

4. When you see the text displayed ‘initializing MCB if it says OK, the error will clear.

5. If still showing KO MCB, locate the cable which is connected to the middle row of ports on the LIN board and runs down into the Collection compartment. Disconnect this cable and then reconnect it after 15-20 minutes. Repeat step 3 above.

6. If still showing KO MCB, power back down and disconnect this same cable. Then reconnect it after 2-3 days and repeat step 3 above.
If still showing KO MCB, please set up a Support Case for additional troubleshooting steps or to schedule a service call.
Below is the picture of the LIN cable and its placement for connection is located behind the printer:
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