Strada - MCB Error Troubleshooting Steps

For MCB Error, please follow the main steps below to fix the issue:

Reach the meter and perform a function 80. This will re-initialize the peripherals for the MCB. 
If MCB is still showing KO, follow the next step:
Power the meter off, and reseat the mainboard. Accomplish this by powering the meter fully off, pushing both clips outward and sliding the mainboard out 1/2 inch so it is disconnected from the connections in the back. Let the meter sit for 15-20 minutes before plugging the mainboard back in and powering it back up. Power the meter up and re-run the function 80.
If still showing MCB error,
Power the meter off, check the LIN cable for any breaks/tears. If no tears/breaks, move the LIN cable to a different port, power the meter back up and re-run the 80. 
If still showing MCB error,
Reach out to support for the next steps.
Below is the picture of the LIN cable and its placement for connection is located behind the printer:
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