Bulletin - M900 Card Readers and Cards with 2027 Expiration Dates

Technical Bulletin - M900 Card Readers and Cards with 2027 Expiration Dates
We are currently aware that some M900 card readers may not accept credit or debit cards with an expiration date in 2027.  This issue does not affect meters with M1000 or ID Tech card readers. A fix is already tested and available but requires the reader to be manually flashed with a new firmware version. This is not an operation that can be done remotely so we are in the process of setting up a flashing bench in our Moorestown, NJ facility which will help us to increase our capacity to 75 readers per day beginning in April 2022.
The firmware upgrade service will be provided as a software warranty service on a first-come, first-served basis.  M900 customers will need to request an RMA via Sales Administration by email at or by phone at 800-732-6868 x334.  Our supply of seed stock readers is limited so if you have spare M900 readers that can be flashed initially, please let Sales Administration know so we can prioritize those units. As per the normal RMA process, the cost of shipping will be shared. Shipping costs to send the M900 units to Flowbird for firmware flashing will be the customer's responsibility and Flowbird will pay to ship the re-flashed readers back to you via normal ground shipping. Expedited shipping fees, if requested, are the responsibility of the customer.
NOTE:  If the CAD REF on the F34 ticket ends in R44, these readers DO NOT need the new firmware. 
Questions should be directed to Flowbird Support at
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