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The End of Day List screen can be used to generate a day-by-day summary of Card Transaction totals by Card Type, and is your best resource when reconciling deposits on a bank statement. 


Due to the fluid nature of card transaction batching, we recommend reconciling bank statements over the longest timeframe possible (e.g. Monthly).

Transactions do not always batch on the same day they are made at the meter. A longer timeframe will allow you to confirm that your totals make sense over time, rather than matching perfectly on a daily basis.  

1. Navigate to Reports & Statistics > Card Transaction > End of Day List. 

2. When the page has loaded, click the magnifying glass with the red arrow to clear any existing filters.

3. Use the fields below to input the details of the report you want to generate:
(See also the screenshot at the end of the article).  

End of Day: 
This field will let you narrow the search results by a specific date or set of dates.   
Use the options in the second drop down box to set a default period of time to search through. 

If you would like to generate a report for a specific set of dates, set the first dropdown menu to "Between" and then select the start date and time, and the end date and time. 


Group Data On: 

Determine whether you would prefer to report based on Merchant ID or Terminal ID and select your preferred option. 



Once you have adjusted the necessary filters, click "Apply" and wait for the results to generate. 

If you would like to export the report to Excel, click the Excel icon at the top of the page. 

If you would like to make adjustments to the columns that you can see, please follow the steps in this article to do so: Adding or Removing Report Columns


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