MAX Meter - Manual - Terminal Registration Process

MAX II Terminal Registration Process - Full instructions available at this link:


MAX I Terminal Registration Process:

Note: Use the ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons to make selections and go back in the service menu. Use the + and – buttons to move up and down in the menu.

  1. Swipe Access Card to login and grant access to the service menu.
  2. Press ‘OK’ on service welcome screen.
  3. Select Terminal, then Term. Registration. The current menu item will be highlighted.
  4. Terminal ID – Press OK.
  5. Select APN – Select broadband (unless instructed otherwise).
  6. Select CWO IP – Select Live server ( This will be the fourth one down the list.
  7. Credit Card Mode – Select Normal Mode.
  8. Parking ID – Enter company ID assigned by CWO2.

ID must be 5 digits (Example: Company ID = 3268, Enter 03268). This is also the first set of numbers on the customer’s config file. (ex: 03268-01-510)


  1. Terminal Guid – Press OK.

If a guid is displayed (Not all zeros) and you wish to re-register the terminal or change servers, you must reset the guid by pressing Cancel while on the ‘Terminal Guid’ selection.

  1. Confirm – Review and verify all changes then press OK.


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